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We Need Your Help!

Donations & More

Most rescue shelters run on a tight budget with no funding, and the same goes for us at Dreamweaver Lane. We will accept any support, including monetary and supply donations, to ensure our success in helping these animals in the near future. Specifically, here’s what we need:

  • Transportation services (from auctions)

  • Hay or feed (for horses, cats, dogs, chickens, indoor birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.)

  • Water/feed containers and fence panels

  • New barn building materials (to help further expand housing for future animals)

  • Volunteers (volunteering your time)

  • Monetary donations (to help with veterinarian and farrier services)

Donate Your Dollars

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

E-transfer donations to:

or to phone number: 204-512-SAVE (7283)

Amazon Shopping List

Did you know that our animals have their own wish list on Amazon? It's easy to support the homeless animals at Dreamweaver Lane from the comfort of your home. View our Wish List to see what we need most for our rescue animals. Conveniently select items from the wish list and they will be shipped directly to our Rescue!

Other Ways to Donate

"We have more to learn from animals, than animals to learn from us."

Medical Supplies

As you can imagine, rescue centers get through phenomenal amounts of medical supplies. Items that will be welcomed include:

  •  Dewormers

  •  First aid supplies, such as disinfectant, wound powder, banadages etc

  •  Fly repellent

Feed and Bedding

Please check first before pulling up with a truck full of feed or bedding. We may have a special need for Senior feed, straw, or peat moss, rather than regular shavings.

  •  Bags of sweet feed or pellets. (as mentioned above, check first to see which type would be most welcomed)

  •  Bales of hay. (check first, to make sure that there's ample storage space, or your donation may get spoiled by standing out in the weather)

  •  Bags of shavings. (Or peat moss, or bales of straw, as appropriate)

General Barn Care

As you can imagine, caring for large numbers of horses means you need extra supplies of all those things we all use around the barn on a daily basis. Items that will be welcomed include:

  •  Buckets and feeders

  •  Wheelbarrows

  •  Shovels, rakes, manure picks

  •  Brooms

Tack & Equipment

Even though we only take in retired horses, we often need tack and equipment for everyday use. These items don't need to be new, but they should be in good repair.


  •  Halters and lead ropes

  •  Bits and bridles

  •  Saddles and saddle pads

  •  Blankets (old, infirm horses often need more help getting through winter than do younger horses)

  •  Polo wraps, standing bandages

  •  Grooming kit


We would also welcome equipment such as tractors, trailers, manure spreaders etc. If you've purchased a new tractor, consider donating your old one at a discounted monthly cost to us.

Office Supplies & More

In addition to the items listed above, rescue centers often have need for specific items such as a computer for the office, general office supplies such as envelopes etc., lumber for building stables, field shelters and fencing, trucks and horse trailers. The list is almost endless.


Volunteer your time and efforts on our sanctuary! While donated items are very much needed and appreciated, the gift of help from others saves us on the daily. There's only so much we can do in a day, so having volunteers to take on some of our tasks saves us time, and saves our bodies. We appreciate any and all help!

Duties can include cleaning pens and stalls, organizing and helping with feeding, working with the animals, spending time with the animals, helping in the office, and much more. 

You can choose to volunteer once per week, once per month, or even organize a group volunteer day for heavy clean up times like spring cleaning, or winter prep days. Contact us to get on the volunteer schedule!

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