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Dreamweaver Lane

A Trusted Rescue Farm

Located in Armstrong, Manitoba, Dreamweaver Lane is a private, not-for-profit farm that takes in unwanted, abandoned, abused, or stray pets. Together with her granddaughter, Susan, the owner has already rescued over dozen cats, numerous horses, birds, dogs and other small animals in the first year alone. 


To date, no fundraising has been done. It took a lot of hard work with a few friends that have made all of our rescue shelter’s success possible.

How We Operate

Our Goals and objectives are to find loving homes for animals, educate the general public in responsible pet ownership, including spay/neuter, reducing animal suffering, eliminating animal cruelty, and be a resource for people forced to give up their pets due to legitimate reasons.

Susan, Owner

Susan was born in Ontario and moved to Manitoba at the age of 19. For over 20 years she was training fitness classes in Winnipeg, unfortunately after having some health issues she could not continue in that field. She was at a loss of what to do since being so active teaching, she knew she had to do something to make life fulfilling.

She decided to leave Winnipeg, and move out to a quieter area of Manitoba to try to gain some peace of mind of how she was going to succeed without being able to work & being on a very limited income. It felt like life was over. 

Few years after moving out to the country Susan had another big loss, her mother Joyce had passed. With her passing, left a small inheritance, and Susan wanted to do something to honour her mother. She also wanted to find purpose for her life.

One day, while on Kijiji, Susan and her granddaughter saw a miniature horse that needed help.  Unfortunately the owner was ill, and could no longer could take care of all of his animals. they reached out to help, and that's where it all started. 

Within a few days she went to meet Summer.

"I had already started rescuing animals while in the city the first kitten (Zeus) was found in a Tupperware container outside of Safeway but never a horse! That’s how my real adventure began... "

Susan is now known for her expertise in developing wild & abused horses. She is the founder of Dreamweaver Lane Animal Rescue along with her 8 year old granddaughter Aubree.

As passionate animal lovers, and a firm dedication to making a difference, Dreamweaver Lane helps rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome as many animals possible. 

Susan's commitment to the welfare of the horses and other animals under her care, as well as her expertise in horse management and training, have made her a trustworthy and reputable resource. She strives for professionalism, offering knowledge, and shows genuine love for horses & all the other domestic & farm animals in her care.

Dreamweaver Lane

"As I was walking through the field back to my truck I noticed a rock formation of a medicine wheel which helped me come up with the name of Dreamweaver Lane.


A medicine wheel will be a part of our logo in memory of Spot, Sheba & Sundances Mom, as that’s when the reality of a rescue became our mission."

"They rescued me, more than I rescued them."
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